Why Fitness is Important

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Fitness can improve your life in many different ways... First of all you are supposed to get atleast 30 to 45 minutes of excercise minimum 3 times a week. Most importantly fitness decreases the chances of you getting diseases like obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. In a society where more and more people are diagnosed with diseases, fitness is a key element in disease prvention.

Here are 5 reasons why you should adpot fitness into your everyday life...

1) Fitness gives you more energy! In a world that is as busy as ours, with work, taking care of kids, and having personal reflection time, it is important to have the maximum amount of energy. Fitness will increaseyour energy levels by at least 25%. With increased energy, you will be able to accomplish far more in 1 day!

2) Fitness makes you happier! Science has shown that doing physical excercise realeases endorphins into that brain that make you a happier person throughout the day, a little more happiness never killed anybody right? haha. It also has been proven to decrease the chances of depression and anxiety.

3) Fitness increases confidence! With an in shape body, you will get more compliments and more looks from the opposite sex. This helps with your performance level at your job and at social settings because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good your perform at a higher level.

4) Fitness can make you live longer! You will improve your metabolism and blood flow which will ultimately enhance your body's health. It also will make your body stronger as you get older.

5) Fitness is fun! Pick up a sport, join a class, or do something outdoors. This is a great way to meet new people who have similar fitness goals and where you can develop long lasting frienships.

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Live Earthquake on KTLA 3/17/14

An Earthquake happened today in Los Angeles California. This is a video of 2 live news reporters being shaken up by the earthquake. The earthquake happened at about 6:26am and was 4.4 in size.

Local shops reported that no harm was really done other than a few items that were knocked over during the shake. Los Angeles hasn't experienced an earthquake in over 5 years.

This is what the mayor of Los Angeles had to say...

Garcetti wants earthquake review (8:02 a.m.)

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti confirmed the city has no reports of damage.

"Today's earthquake is a reminder that every L.A. family must be prepared with food, water and other essentials, as well as a plan," the mayor said in a statement. "While it appears the greatest impact of this temblor was a rude awakening, we are executing our post-earthquake protocols to survey our neighborhoods and critical infrastructure. I have been briefed by my science advisor for seismic safety, Dr. Lucy Jones, and will continue to monitor the situation." LA TIMES


If you are from Los Angeles, become prepared for another earthquake because we never know when it may hit us...


Make sure to have your home prepared, have the necessary resources to survive, and make sure to have a medical kit handy.


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Attitude is Everything


"Positive thinkers win and negative thinkers lose." This quote stands out to me because I always thought that having a positive attitude was a bunch on mumbo jumbo... As I've gone through life I have gone through major highs and major lows and I wondered what was the biggest differenece. At the end of the day it came down to my attitude towards life. When I was comnpletely positive and happy great things happened but when I was negative bad things started happening.

If you are looking to create the life of your dreams stop the failure consciousness. Stop looking for all the reasons why you cannot be successful and begin to start thinking of all the reasons why you can be successful. I have learned that successful people adopt the attitude if it's up to be it's up to me. Become your biggest cheerleader and stop bringing yourself down.

I noticed that when I switched my attitude of self sabotaging thoughts into postive thoughts of myself, my whole life changed. "Your inner world creates your outter world." If you don't know where to start... Start by believing in your God given abilities and most importantly yourself. Start your day off with positive affirmations and be happy that you have another day to go after your dreams.

You can uplift your attitude by focusing on all the things you are grateful for. This opens up your mind to see that we do have blessings all around us which can make us happy. Put your goals in front of you every day and start to think and believe that they are possible. You can have everything you want in this life.

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-Charles Cieslar

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I Have a Dream (What's Yours)


In life I believe dreams are the most important things we can own. Growing up I would always hear people say to be more realistic and get a job. But that was never my dream so I still went the other direction. I encountered a lot of criticism and struggles. I dropped out of college after the first semester because my dream was to become an entreprenuer with freedom. I wanted to be able to provide the best life for my family and give back to the world, something I would never be able to do working for someone else.

I went through a lot of sturggles barely getting by and moving job to job. I was mistreated by employers and the lack of appreciation discouraged me.  I would make money and see how the money always came into my bank account and leave right away. It was a vicious cycle of me never getting ahead. But I never forgot about my dream...

 Our dreams are a way drive us to do more, become more, and most importantly give more to society. I have a dream where people can live a life of freedom and pursue their personal dreams and passions. We have the ability to create anything we want if were to starting believing in our own dreams. If we could stop the fear based consciousness and get around the right people anything is possible.

I have a dream where people can have mental freedom, where people can be who they truly are without being judged, that way people can operate at their full potential in order to give back to the world. I've noticed too many times in life, people are not fully expressing themselves because of the fear due to criticizm from other people. My dream is where people can be themselves and be extremely happy and at peace with themselves. Once I stopped worrying about what people were going to say and controlled my attitude in a positive way, this helped me live happier!

I have a dream where people can have financial freedom and pursue their dreams. Whether it's traveling, helping out the community, giving back to charities, entertaining, etc...  In this society people are going in circles. More than half of the people in America dislike their jobs and are barely getting by... This is now way to live and if we all get together we can make huge changes in the world.

 My dream is where people can become entreprenuers and become self sufficent and reliant. Becoming an entreprenuer is where you can create an income that can match your dreams. A place where you can be yourself, share your passions with others, and get paid for it. This marketing company has given me the freedom to travel and open a laptop anywhere in the world to make an income.

Never forget to believe in your dreams. Whatever they may be chase them out because they are possible! However big or crazy they may seem I promise you the world is waiting for you to jump into your dreams. Marketing online and reaching out to other with similar people is how we can get closer to making them a reality. If you are someone looking for a network of empowering people to connect with or you want to become an entreprenuer that wants real freedom in life... CLICK HERE for a free video.

I love all of you guys and I believe in you and your dreams.

Overcoming Childhood Trauma


So many times in life I have found myself feeling insecure about different things and so worried about what other people would think of me that I would literally freeze up and feel bad about it. Starting from when I was a kid I would get really nervous and sweaty because anxiety came into my life because I was so focused on other people's opinions. I would try to please people to get to like me but deep down inside I wasn't being true to myself therefore making me unhappy.

This old paradigm (way of thinking), still came up in myself in my twenties even though I was a lot more comfortable with myself. So I started to wonder what was going on and why I was feeling that way. I don't konw about you but sometimes it would feel like I was in the passenger seat to my own luxury car! I thought to myself this is no way to live. Even though it looked good from the outside, I still wasn't enjoying myself on the inside.

This very strong switch took place in Miami while I was at a very strong spiritual event, I realized a few things... To be truly happy internally you have to be true to yourself. So I decided to start being authentic and live life on my own terms. I decided to stop caring about what others thought of me because they do not dictate my happiness. And when I started to do this my whole outlook and feelings changed in a positive instant,

I started to love life even more... Food tasted better, conversations were more interesting, my inner thoughts were positive, and most importantly I FELT FREE! I decided to control what I can control and to stop worrying about what was outside of that. I am now controlling my happiness by controling my attitude, the way I talk to people, what I really want to do, and most importantly my thoughts. "If its up to be it's up to me." 

Once I started this new way of thinking everything changed. I encourage you to do the same if you are or ever have gone though what I went through as a kid. Remember... "You are the captain of your faith, the ruler of your soul." Make this life on Earth a blessing.

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Wishing you a blessed 2014!


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